The Biggest PPC Trends of 2021, According to 32 Experts

What will be the most important PPC trends in 2021?

That’s the exact question we asked 32 of the top PPC marketing experts.

From paid search, to paid social, to remarketing, and beyond, discover what trends PPC experts are predicting to lead the pack.

Download our ebook, The Biggest PPC Trends of 2021, According to 32 Experts, to see what the pros predict for paid search, social ads, and more next year.

In this ebook, understand how and why the following PPC trends will dominate 2021:

  • Goodbye, Data
  • Understand Your Audience & the Buyer Journey
  • Even More Automation
  • Diversification Will Become More Important
  • Harness the Power of First-Party Data
  • New Instagram Opportunities
  • Big Picture Strategy Will Become More Valuable
  • Perfect the Ad Message
  • Always Be Testing
  • A Great Mobile Experience

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You’ll get more uncensored and unfiltered insights and tips straight from these experts on how to succeed at PPC in 2021:

  • Julie F. Bacchini
  • Amy Bishop
  • Robert Brady
  • Duane Brown
  • Ilya Cherepakhin
  • Akvile DeFazio
  • Arianne Donoghue
  • Justin Fried
  • Brad Geddes
  • Steve Hammer
  • Amy Hebdon
  • Navah Hopkins
  • Mark Irvine
  • Pauline Jakober
  • Kris Jones
  • Jon Kagan
  • Nikki Kuhlman
  • Ed Leake
  • John Lee
  • Aaron Levy
  • Melissa Mackey
  • Michelle Morgan
  • Christi Olson
  • Brooke Osmundson
  • Lisa Raehsler
  • Frederick Vallaeys
  • Purna Virji
  • AJ Wilcox
  • Kirk Williams
  • Ben Wood
  • Christine Zirnheld