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PPC Optimization – Organize Into Tightly Themed AdGroups

So today I am organizing a PPC account.  This is an account that I took over from another agency.  The account has four different Campaigns with around seven different AdGroups throughout all the four different Campaigns.  In each of the AdGroups there are around 100 different keywords and keyword phrases.

What is wrong with this?

The fact that my client has 100 different keywords in one AdGroup is horrible.  You should only have around one to four keywords per AdGroup.  This will allow you to write ads with all your keywords in them.  This will improve your quality scores and lower your over cost per click for your account.

How long will this take?

It is long and hard work.  I was re-organizing this account today and it took around two hours per Campaign.  There is no easy way to do this.  I now have around forty different AdGroups now in this Campaign.  We went from three different AdGroups to around forty. Why?

  • This will allow us to easily identify keywords that are performing very well and other keywords that are under performing.
  • We will be able to see the AdGroups that are under performing and pause them.
  • This will allow us to test and find new AdGroups and keywords that will potentially convert better then the keywords that you are currently bidding on.

But REALLY, how long will it take?

It takes a really long time. I suggest you take the time to setup the account right from the start.  You should be thinking about each and every keyword when you do this.  I know an account is setup right if there is one keyword per AdGroup and there are two different text ads per keyword.  This will allow you to test every aspect and know if each keyword will really convert.  It is the easiest way to know if your account will convert.  Do it right.  It will take hours and hours to set up an account properly.  I imagine that this account will take around 16 -20 hours.  I know this may be a little overboard for some clients but I’d rather do to much then to little. This account will only spend around $1000/month and takes that long to setup.  This account will need around one thru three hours of maintenance a month.  After the first month is up I will typically do three to five hours of deep diving into each account like this and try and pause and start new keywords.

Each account that you manage should take a bit of your time.  I find that when I don’t set up an account right, I spend hours and hours not knowing what I should do next.  By setting up and account right you will save yourself time, money, and a lot of headaches not being able to explain to your clients what’s going on in their account.  You’ll be able to say that a certain keyword is converting and making them money.  Not to mention this is when you should bring up a bonus or up in management fees!

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PPC Optimization – Organize Into Tightly Themed AdGroups

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