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Powerset Natural Language Search Gears up for the Mainstream

powerset_title.jpgPowerset is gearing for major launch sooner than Google, Yahoo and MSN live search can think of. Backing on a natural search language technology and a bankroll of around $12 million, search engine startup, Powerset is ready to take on the structured-keyword based search algorithms of major search engine players.

The new kid on search engine block has opened up Powerset Labs where a select group of users can provide feedback on the Powerset natural-language-based search engine. Powerset Labs will have its appearance to the public at TechCrunch40.

But what exactly is this natural language based search all about? Simply putting it in layman’s term, Powerset search engine processes natural language search instead of the more structured keyword searching that other major search engine analyzes to come up with the best search results.

Users don’t have to think of the best way to phrase a search to come up with a good search result. All they have to do is key in a search term using normal intuitive natural language phrases. Powerset’s search indexers will analyze all the facets of these search phrases/terms and come up with the best possible search results.

Powerset promises a new and better way of searching the web. Let’s see how far it goes when it’s out there on the web and colliding with other search engine giants. Who knows?, it may actually change the way we do web search. Here’s a screenshot of the Powerset search engine portal:


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Powerset Natural Language Search Gears up for the Mainstream

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