Can Windows 8 Rescue the Dying PC from Apple’s iPad?

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microsoft windows eight logoApple, who recently launched the third generation iPad, has dominated technology news and generated record-breaking sales for their newest tablet. Since the technology giant launched the iPad two years ago, over 55 million of the popular tablets have sold. With sales for the iPad steadily increasing, Apple has predicted they will match this number in 2012 alone! Amid lackluster demand for traditional computers, Apple recently made a prediction that the “post-PC” era has arrived.

Ranjit Atwal, the research director at Gartner, recently confirmed that demand for traditional computers is falling:

“PC shipments will remain weak in 2012. PCs will face more competition as we see new media tablets based on operating systems from Android and Microsoft, as well the new iPad. . .The real question is whether Windows 8 and ultrabooks will create the compelling offering that gets the earlier adopter of devices excited about PCs again.”

Last week, Microsoft launched a consumer preview of its new operating system – Windows 8. Some experts are predicting that the new operating system, which is expected to launch later this year, will completely revolutionize and potentially revitalize the traditional PC market.

The new Windows 8 Metro interface has an intuitive design that uses a “tile-based” navigation, which is similar to the navigation found on most mobile devices. Each “tile” will represent an app and the display will encourage user interaction using a variety of methods. The Metro interface has been specifically designed to be compatible with a touchscreen, mouse, keyboard, or pen and is expected to work well on PCs, tablets, and most mobile devices. The apps, which will be made available through the new Windows Store, will share information with each other and will communicate information to the user in a manner that is easy to understand and access. Even the traditional desktop environment, which PC users are familiar with, will be replaced by an app. In addition, a newly designed “Start screen” will replace both the traditional Start button and Start menu.

Frank Shaw, Microsoft’s chief spokesman, recently tweeted that Windows 8 will be “the first post-‘post-PC’-PC.”  However, with eMarketer predicting that 13.2% of the US population is using an iPad at least once a month, Windows desperately needs the new OS to help them regain market share in the near future. While Microsoft is hopeful that Windows 8 will revive the free-falling PC market, the company clearly faces an uphill battle against the widely popular Apple devices.

Do you feel that we are living in a ‘post-PC’ dominated by Apple or does the traditional PC still have a future?

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David Angotti

David Angotti

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  • Andy Nattan

    Herp derp I can’t lives withouts my iPad herpaderp I can do everything on it derpityderp.

    Hangs on a minute? I can’t actually type on this piece of crap. And my whole interaction with the interwebs involves typing!

    Who’d have thought the glorious “post PC” future involves trying to tap out 1,000 word blog posts with your thumb on a touchscreen?

    • Wes

      iPad 3: 3 million units in 3 days. Andy Nattan – I think the greater general public disagrees.

      • Jordan

        The greater general public doesn’t know how to work a normal computer and thinks a 1.2gh processor and 2 gb of RAM should be worth $1000 dollars because it’s thin.

        Thats called the Ad Populum logical fallacy.

  • Shawn

    iPads work exceedigly well at consuming content, yet anyone that needs to create content on a regular basis has an absolute need for a PC or Mac computer. The majority of tablet buyers also own a PC, myself included. No doubt PC sales will suffer since many computer users do no more than surf the net & use email – this group may not return to the PC since their needs are being met.

  • Brian

    My last business trip was my first opportunity to travel with a 7″ Android tablet in my coat pocket instead of lugging a Windows 7 laptop, and it was a real privilege. That was great for traveling but there’s no way I’d want to spend 8 hours composing and contributing to documents on anything less than a big screen, clicky keyboard, and robust software designed for enterprise collaboration. At home my PC entertains me from physical storage media as well as the cloud.

    Maybe we’ll see a merging of the two form factors with tablet docking stations and keyboards, but today one size does not fit all. That’s where Windows 8 comes in, allowing us to run the same apps on the PC and mobile platforms and saving to the cloud. That may not be what was use in the distant future but it’s a realistic and convenient transition strategy.

    Gartner asks whether WIndows 8 and ultrabooks will make people excited about PCs again. Of course they won’t, but what does excitement have to do with anything? Hammers aren’t exciting but they’re reliable and get the job done. When did Gartner get so fickle?