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Popular Searches in China

Popular Searches in China

Popular Searches in China

Google Zeitgeist published the popular Chinese searches in the month August. Google added China again to its monthly zeitgeist in March 2006 and it gives a nice insight in the world of Chinese search.

In a previous article I attempted to analyze the popular Chinese queries from March until July 2006.

The month August doesn’t show a lot of difference.

There are only 3 new entries, all the other 12 queries appeared in previous editions of the Zeitgeist overview.

Popular Chinese queries can roughly be divided in entertainment (Music – pop stars, games and TV series), software (Anti-virus, peer-to-peer programs to watch TV and hardware info), and to a lesser extent education, news and travel.

In the chart you can see that Games, Music (mostly famous pop stars) and Software searches occur the most over the last 6 months.

In the period since March 2006 only 43 keyword (phrases) have made it into the Zeitgeist. Of these 43 queries, 21 appear more than once in the monthly overviews.

Popular Searches in China

The most popular and re-occurring queries since March are:

  • Li Yu Chun Winner of the second edition of Supergirl (the Chinese version of American Idol) who has been in the top 5 in all the months.
  • Kingsoft dictionary – software to translate Chinese to English and vice versa
  • China Telecom – the biggest telecom operator in China

The 3 new entries in August are the music download website Kugoo, A Taiwanese TV series named ‘The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog’ and pop star Zhang Han Yun, the number 3 of the first Super Girl contest, back in 2004.

Google China Zeitgeist doesn’t show a lot of surprises once you have monitored it for a couple of months. Entertainment, pop stars, games and music are by far the most popular, and in that sense it’s the same as in many other countries.

The interest in peer-to-peer TV software is different. This may be an indication that Chinese Internet users like to watch TV beyond their own border.

Gemme van Hasselt is an Internet Marketing Consultant, living in Shanghai, China. His musings on life can be found on China Snippets

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Popular Searches in China

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