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How to Get the Most out of Your Podcast

How to Get the Most out of Your Podcast

Being in SEO, not only do we need to be proficient in optimizing our blogs and articles, but also we need to be active in other mediums, like podcasts and videos. Wanting to know more about podcasting and how to get the best out of a podcast, I asked a podcasting professional to give me the best advice on how to go around getting the most out of your podcast. Chuck Palm, with IPNetcast, creates unique content for businesses. Here are a few pointers from Chuck.

Podcast on Your Blog: Your blog is another location where you should have your podcast first and foremost. You can also embed the audio very easily into a blog, login through the interface to your blog and post it, along with sending it to iTunes. Your blogs are an imperative location, because here you can not only post your blog but also let people sign up for your notifications.

This will let your visitors know when you have new podcasts up. Also, have a subscribe button on your site so people can always have the latest and greatest content available to them when it’s first live!

One other important tip to getting the most out of your podcast is summarizing. To help search engines find you, it is also so important to add important points of you podcast underneath the audio. It also should have links with in the content proving your point. Individuals tend to just add the podcast or audio with a brief title. Using text tell your audience what the audio is about, using good keywords, links and images that beef up your SEO.

Syndicate Your Content : If you have a podcast, not only must it just be on your site, but also on other sites. iTunes, for example is one place you can start to begin expanding your brand awareness, as it’s a huge search engine for content. iTunes lets you create a channel where you can place your podcasts.

When adding content to iTunes, make sure you are using the keyword research you have done in the past for your site, as it would be best to name your podcasts with keywords rich titles. You should write a synopsis and also add good keywords in this area to get the maximum benefit out of it. Another thing you can do in iTunes is submit it to podcast directories, so you make sure you get a larger audience, but putting your content in several places. There are several podcast directories you can look out to find out where else you can add you content.

Another site that is a great way place to get the most out of your podcast, is a site called Hipcast. Hipcast is a site that helps you create all sorts of content. Here you can create audio, video, podcasts and blogs. Here you can even call a number using your phone to create an audio file. There is a small fee to use Hipcast, but its ease of usability is worth the $5/month price.

In conclusion, the main point of getting a larger audience to your podcast is make it available as many places as possible, not to mention make it EASY as possible to find, subscribe and get your content. Use your social media voice to let people know a new podcast is available and ask them to comment and review your podcast.

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How to Get the Most out of Your Podcast

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