Pinterest Gets New ‘Rich’ Pins

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Social media sites have to evolve, otherwise they decline in popularity like MySpace. Pinterest has not only climbed the ranks to the top 3 social media sites on the internet, but they have also evolved with the market and remained popular.

Today, Pinterest made a new update that significantly improves the usability of the platform. Those in the movie and e-commerce industries will be very glad to hear about the new ‘rich’ pins.

There are currently 3 types of rich pins: movie, recipe, and product. I’m sure they’ll come out with more in the coming weeks and year.

How do you set up these pins?

It’s real simple, but you’ll need to fill out your meta tags, You’ll need to test the pins and then apply them to Pinterest. It should be pretty easy to set up.

I personally believe e-commerce business owners will see an improvement in their sales. People will see the availability of a product and see the prices right away and be ready to buy. All of that would take place before they even get to your website.

What are your thoughts on these new ‘rich’ pins?



Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan is a PPC expert, entrepreneur, blogger, and amiable guy. In his spare time, you can find him updating his own blog.
Adam Morgan
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  • Lakhwinder

    Hi Adam ! Thats a great feature again by Pinterest. But i can’t get this one. Is this feature generally available now or not ?

  • Alan Smith

    I am searching for that Rich Pins option but till now no option for now in my profile. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Tahmid

    Pinterest is showing new and new feature every month! I like all of them. I liked the ‘Rich Pins’ too. It’s great.

  • Rishav

    I am using Pinterest for promoting my businesses related to interior designers, fashion companies and lifestyle magazines .Pinterest is both attractive to look at and easy to use.

  • Myia Kelly

    Hi Adam! I think this new ‘Rich Pins’ update is great. In terms of the product option, it really unifies the consumer-to-business interaction, making more efficient and straightforward. The added convenience of not having to seek out pricing information or store locations makes this a great resource for users, which will also have positive implications for business.

    The movie and recipe options are also great. With a movie ‘rich pin’ users can get information on casting and ratings, and with recipes they can easily access information on cooking time, ingredients and serving size.

    I think this update truly makes sense for the platform that it is on.


  • alysawillis

    Hi adam ,I am using Pinterest and every time its giving new features and its making sense also.Its provinding different options so its very useful to use . and as my friend Myia Kelly says its also helps in business please keep sharing thanku 🙂

  • Cliff

    I don’t see that feature on my pinterest account. Perhaps it’s on the A/B testing period right now. I look forward to that function and see what benefits it offers.