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Pinterest Adds One-Click Shopping With “Buyable Pins”

Pinterest introduces Buyable Pins to the market, where Pinners can shop directly from the app.

Have you ever tried to click on a Pinterest pin in hopes of making a direct purchase? Or, on the flipside are you an e-commerce company who has hoped and dreamed of selling your goods via Pinterest?

Now you can soon do just that. Pinterest will announce today during a press conference “Buyable Pins”, where users can purchase items directly on Pinterest. The official blog stated:

“In just a few weeks, Pinners in the U.S. will be able to buy their favorite Pinterest finds, right from the app.”

For consumers, this is great news because your likelihood of a dead-end link will reduce. And, for e-commerce websites, this is another potential revenue stream to capitalize upon.

Buyable Pins, supports Pinterest’s existing Rich Pins, a functionality that allows websites to include a URL and product details for Pinterest’s crawlers to read. There are six types of Rich Pins: app, movie, recipe, article, product, and place.

When an item is marked up correctly with Rich Pin data, Pinterest adds information like price to a page. Buyable Pins goes a step further, and in addition to the rich metadata, businesses can add the functionality of buying the product straight from the app. If a Pin has a blue price, it’s a signal that you can buy it straight from Pinterest. (You can also use the price filter to hone in on just the right Pin.)

E-Commerce giant Shopify will partner with Pinterest and they payments will be processed through Stripe. Buyable Pins will also be available via Demandware in the next few weeks. Pinterest also notes that:

“If you’re in the U.S., you’ll see buyable Pins on your iPhone or iPad in a few weeks. If you’re on Android or using your desktop, you’ll see them in future releases.”

Buyable Pins will become available on Android and desktop applications in future releases.

To learn more about using Buyable Pins for your business, head to Pinterest’s Business Blog.

Note: Owen Thomas, ReadWrite‘s Editor-in-Chief, first reported the story after seeing Pinterest’s script.

Image source: Pinterest

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Pinterest Adds One-Click Shopping With “Buyable Pins”

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