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You Now Have 3 New Ways to Target Pinterest Users

Pinterest advertising is about to get some much-needed targeting options: Customer List Targeting, Visitor Retargeting, and Lookalike Targeting.

Pinterest targeting

Up until now, Pinterest ad targeting has been super basic. You’ve been limited to options like location, language, device, and gender.

But Pinterest advertising is about to get some much-needed features that have been available on Google, Facebook, and Twitter for quite some time.

By the end of this month, advertisers will have three new ways to reach Pinterest’s audience of more than 100 million monthly active users, the company has announced.

1. Customer List Targeting

This advertising option is similar to Facebook’s Custom Audiences. Customer list targeting helps you reach your existing customers on Pinterest.

After you upload a list of your customers (either email addresses or mobile ad IDs), Pinterest will match your list to its own user database and then let you serve ads to just those users.

2. Visitor Retargeting

Want to reach people who have visited your site before to further influence their conversion or purchase decisions (in your favor)? Now you can with Pinterest’s visitor retargeting option.

Pinterest reported that visitor retargeting has increased CTR by 3x for some businesses that gained early access to this option.

You’ll need to add Pinterest’s conversion tag to your site. You can choose to tag or exclude people who have:

  • Landed on your homepage.
  • Signed up.
  • Added an item.
  • Checked out.

Both Twitter (tailored audiences from web) and Facebook (Custom Audiences from your website) offer remarketing.

3. Lookalike Targeting

This targeting option, which Facebook calls Lookalike Audiences, will help you reach a group of people that share the behaviors and traits of an audience you specify (e.g., a list of your customers).

Pinterest noted that, in early testing, this targeting option increased CTRs by up to 63 percent and increased reach by as much as 30x.

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You Now Have 3 New Ways to Target Pinterest Users

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