Phil Gerbyshak discusses the Art of Marketing (Video)

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In this episode of Search Engine Journal TV I catch up with Phil Gerbyshak, the co-host of The Shutup Show.

Highlights from our Conversation  Include:

  • The Role of Connections in the Online World
  • Why Art, Social and Business Are Mixing
  • The Importance of Authenticity in Brand
  • Why You Have to be the Best Version of You
  • How Storytelling Impacts Your Marketing Efforts
  • Turning Mundane Subject Matter Into Great Content
  • The role of Brand, Product and Service Champions
  • Exploring the Unknown in Order to Innovate
Srinivas Rao
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  • Shannon Steffen

    Phil is an awesome artist and business person both online and offline. I have the huge pleasure of being in both of his worlds here in Milwaukee.

    As Phil had said, the word “authenticity” is way overused but dept of this word is what creates success. People need to be more of who they are if they want to stand out and get found. There are way too many copycats in the world and it’s time we all show the excellence we have to bring to the table.

    This goes for the search engines and social media networks as well. The search engines keep changing their algorithms to provide unique quality content to people around the world. If we live in our uniqueness and allow ourselves to excel, standing out online will not be a problem.

    • Phil Gerbyshak

      Thanks for the comment Shannon. Your final words are so spot on: “If we live in our uniqueness and allow ourselves to excel, standing out online will not be a problem.”

      I only wonder why more don’t realize this, and think they must conform?

      PS Just saw this comment or I would have responded sooner. Sorry about that.

  • Sahil

    Video marketing is one of the main marketing channels which leads to immediate conversions and more importantly in customer acquisition, retention, satisfaction.