Peers FireFox Addon Guides You Past Google SERPs

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Seeing search results before even searching is relatively a hot topic in SEO community. It first came up with the launch of Google browser – Chrome that turned the address bar into the search box with the advanced search suggestion feature: while you are typing, you are be able to see related search terms as well as:

  • the #1 ranking organic Google search result for the term you have typed;
  • relevant pages from your browsing history.

FireFox addon called Peers I stumbled across recently gets "the search results before search" feature a step further: you can see first search results while you are typing:

Peers: see search results before searching

Why does the concept deserve so much attention?

  1. Unlike Google that usually prompts us to use its SERPs as much as possible (both Chrome address-bar-search and search-within-search innovations testify for that), this addon actually guides the user past Google SERPs and brings him straight to the page;
  2. If that idea could spread and get much exposure, only top results would really matter: the value of a #1 Google ranking goes up even more, as only top ranked sites will be clicked through.

Anyway, I strongly recommend to go ahead and give the tool a try. You are able to configure the tool in quite a number of ways: set the number of search results you want to see, include pages from your browsing history, set the search engine to see the results from (it can be not only Google!). You can even exclude directories, encyclopedias or price comparison sites from the search results.

When properly managed and promoted, the tool could be grow into something bigger as it does offer some unique searching experiences.

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

Brand amd Community Manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas
Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing,... Read Full Bio
Ann Smarty
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  • Joel Drapper

    Looks like a really useful plugin. Most of the time, the best pages are in the top search results anyway.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Mike

    Between this and WebMynd, I’m really liking the idea of completely customized search results. Either just get the top few most relevant results while you’re typing, or go all the way and get the regular SERPs and a bunch of personalized results off to the side.

  • Djerba

    Thank you 🙂 Nice Addon !

    I also tried to hack in order to find how to add another search engine 😉

  • Liam Delahunty

    That’s terrifying if you’re in a fiercely competitive market where you can never be #1 because of a brand name exact match

  • venkat

    Peers add-ons seems to be very useful for bloggers thanks for sharing

  • Marvin

    I will be seriously looking into this new Firefox add- on. Thanks much for this important heads up