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Patrick Gavin on Domain Names, Blogs & Linking

Patrick Gavin on Domain Names, Blogs & Linking

As the rest of the search world is concentrating on Google China Censorship, Yahoo Search Schizophrenia, and Government Subpeonas, I thought that I would declare January 25th Global Linking Day at Search Engine Journal. Linking Day started off with a Case Study on Link Baiting and is now being followed by a look into Patrick Gavin’s insight on choosing a domain name with linking in mind.

Patrick is quite supportive of search keywords being used in domain names and not for the reasons which some may think, like URL keyword stuffing.

Instead, Patrick says that in his experience, a site with a domain name containing the terms that site wants to rank highly for will result in that site’s keyword rich name being ‘organically’ used in anchor text during citations, blogrolls, quotes and other natural links.

From the Link Building Blog:

What no longer works for regular old websites of yesterday seems thriving in today’s blogosphere. Take our, when the bloggers graciously link to us the anchor text generally used is, “Link Building Blog”.

One thing about fellow bloggers is they LOVE to link back out. Because of this I think it is a great strategy to buy a domain for your blog that subtlety contains your top keywords in it.

Do you see similar results for the name of your blog?

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Patrick Gavin on Domain Names, Blogs & Linking

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