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Paid Internet Search Inventor Applies the Same Model to Twitter

From Idealab, the same team who invented the paid search model back in 1998 with, comes a new startup called Tweetup. TweetUp hopes to make Twitter more relevant for everyone and finally put a stop to the notion that Twitter is all about noise. It’s the fastest and easiest way to find the best tweets and tweeters as well as a reliable way of finding targetted Twitter followers.

Basically, what TweetUp does is to boost tweeters on any topic to the top of search results – that is raising these relevant and useful tweets above the usual Twitter noise. TweetUp will also give these important and targetted tweets persistence against the backdrop of millions of  tweets posted every minute.

To carry out its tasks and services, TweetUp has built an algorithm that assesses the quality, relevance, and influence of tweets and tweeters.  It then combines selected tweets with a bid-based marketplace.

TweetUp is composed of  three parts – the destination site, third party widgets and the advertiser product. The destination site ranks Twitter results by time and via an algorithm to determine which of them should go higher.  TweetUp splits revenue from ads 50/50.

Potential TweetUp advertisers can enter their bids via impressions, new follower or click through to an end URL.

If you want to find ways of promoting your tweets on search engine results, you may want to sign up at TweetUp. They are currently giving away $100 credit towards ads.

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Paid Internet Search Inventor Applies the Same Model to Twitter

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