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Google Provides New Interactive Mobile Data Tool

OurMobilePlanet Smarphone Data

OurMobilePlanet Smarphone Data

With mobile Internet usage increasing, the need for quality data related to how consumers interact with and user their smartphones is more important now than ever before. Until recently, quality data related to mobile usage has been difficult to find, cost prohibitive, and often inaccurate. However, last evening Google rolled out a data resource site named OurMobilePlanet, which provides free access to a massive amount of data.

Nicole, Leverich, a member of the Google Mobile Ads Marketing Team said the following regarding the new site:

“We commissioned this survey and have made the data available for free because we believe the shift to mobile is so fundamental that we need to do everything we can to help businesses adapt immediately.”

The data, which is from the “Global Mobile Research: The Smartphone User & the Mobile Marketer” study, was collected between March and July of this year. Google conducted the study alongside Ipsos and in collaboration with the Mobile Marketing Association.

OurMobilePlanet provides an interactive tool that enables businesses and individuals to quickly perform research and create data-driven graphs. Some of the data that can be quickly accessed and presented in a graphical format includes:

  • Penetration – consumer adoption of smartphones in a given market
  • Behavior – why and how consumers are using mobile devices
  • Activities – what consumers are doing on smartphones
  • Commerce – how consumers spend money on mobile devices
  • Advertisement – how consumers are engaging with mobile ads

Businesses can now use this interactive tool to access data and strengthen their understanding of how mobile usage relates to their industry. As a result of this better understanding, businesses can incorporate data analysis into their decisions related to mobile strategy and advertising.

[Sources Include: Google Mobile Ads Blog, OurMobilePlanet, & TechCrunch]

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Google Provides New Interactive Mobile Data Tool

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