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Optimizing Your Landing Page: An Interview with Oli Gardner of Unbounce

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Optimizing Your Landing Page: An Interview with Oli Gardner of Unbounce

As part of our SEJ interview series, I recently caught up with Oli Gardner from Unbounce to discuss landing page design and optimization.

As an expert on landing pages, Oli explains in the video below what companies are missing and what they should focus on in order to improve their landing pages.

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • Oli says, about 98% of people send traffic to their home page or an internal product page on their site, which is a huge mistake.
  • What these companies are trying to capture is called “campaign traffic”, and campaign traffic should always be sent to a dedicated landing page that matches exactly what your campaign is talking about. A landing page should have a singular focus for a very specific audience.
  • People get lazy, Oli says. They spend time on their ads and their campaign design, then they forget about the post-click experience. They just think it’s going to succeed and they send it off running.
  • What are some important elements of a landing page that you need to be paying attention to?Oli says there are five essential elements of a landing page. They are as follows:
    1. You need to have your value proposition, which is communicated by your headline.
    2. You need a hero shot, which is the main image or video that shows how your product is used.
    3. You need benefit statements, telling how your product helps the user.
    4. Social proof. Oli says he’s in a kind of ‘social proof is BS’ phase right now because he’s running a lot of tests that show it’s not working.
    5. Finally, you need a call to action, which is a form with a button or just a click-through button.
  • How important are visuals to a landing page and how big should they be? Oli says it depends on what you’re selling. A picture of just the product on its own is not likely to be very effective. What you should aim for is a series of pictures showing how your product is used and what its main benefits are.

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