How to Optimize Your Welcome Emails [INFOGRAPHIC]

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How to Optimize Your Welcome Emails [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are so many crucial parts to the email marketing conversion process, that many marketers tend to think of the process as a whole instead of breaking each part in the process down, bit by bit. That’s why I thought this infographic from Easy STMP was so interesting.

It focuses specifically on welcome emails, which is what a user receives after they subscribe or sign up for your mailing list.

Some of the interesting statistics they pointed out include:

  • Having the word “sale” in the welcome email subject line increases opens by over 23%
  • The word “report” in the subject line decreases opens by almost 24%
  • Using a real person’s email address instead of no-reply is more persuasive
  • Sending the email immediately after the user signs up increases open rate

Here’s the full infographic:

How to Optimize Your Welcome Emails

Kelsey Jones
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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones
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  • R.Rogerson

    Most of that should be obvious to most people – (that said – a lot of the obvious tends to not get acted on :D).

    Welcome vs Other emails.
    The welcome email is Expected – in fact, it was kind of requested.
    If your open rate for Welcome emails is low, you may have a serious problem.

    Immediate vs Delayed sending.
    This one is a blatant “duh” – if I’ve gone to the effort to take an action, I expect a response.
    There is nothing worse than sitting there refreshing your in-box 17 times waiting for the response.

    Personally, I find this varies a lot – it does depend on why they are signing up.
    That said, I don’t see why you’d include some of those terms in a “welcome” or “thanks for signing up” email.

    Cheat! Don’t include the offer in the welcome email.
    Tell them in the welcome email that they will shortly get the offer – and suggest they whitelist you 😀

    Want more open-rates? Verify!
    By rights, you should be using the opt-in (or double opt-in) approach.
    They have to supply you their details – then they have to confirm they meant it.
    This gives you 2 immediate emails.
    That’s 2 opportunities to grab them and keep them!
    There is nothing stopping you from providing a little extra info, a link, an offer, a request etc. in the Verify email as well as the Thank You email.

    Get more from them!
    If you only took the basics for Signup – now is the chance to get that bit more info/data.
    Offer them an extra incentive to go fill in a profile. This can help you obtain age/gender/location etc. – which can help you with targeting later emails.

    Participation .
    Getting people involved can increase loyalty, and that often leads to bigger/more frequent spends.
    Things like Polls, Votes, Competitions … or simply putting two offers in front and asking which one they would prefer to get … these can draw them in and make them feel more involved/invested in your site/business.

    The key thing to remember is – the Welcome Email is likely the highest attention point you will get from that person. No other email will likely get read as thoroughly.
    So make the most of it.
    If there are certain actions you want – prompt for them.
    If there are certain pages you would like them to hit – link to them.
    But … remember – the focus should still be on them. Don’t bombard them – limit yourself to two actions or two offers or one of each. If you can, include a quality image of any specific product offer. Link it to the relevant page (not some generic page).

  • Isaiah Jackson

    Hey Kelsey,

    Nice infographic.

    It has pretty much been proven that the first email you send
    out to your subscribers will be the highest opened email
    and probably the most clicked email ever.

    Another way to optimize the welcome email would be to tell
    them that they will be getting an email from you before
    they even join or subscribe to be on your list.

    And then when they do subscribe to be on your list, you tell
    them again 🙂

    Its really boosted my welcome email open & click through rate
    just doing that.

    Isaiah Jackson

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks for this infographic! I will try to use these tips. I agree with you on the point about opening email ( to send it right after a user subscribes).