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Optimize PPC Campaigns For Call Tracking With New Acquisio Tool: Interview With Marc Poirier

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As part of our SEJ interview series, Marc Poirier of Acquisio joins us to talk about a new tool launched by his company for PPC call tracking management.

Acquisio has been working with various call tracking companies for a while and slowly integrating the products from those companies into the Acquisio platform.

With this momentum behind them, Acquisio has built some of their own proprietary technology and recently announced a new product for PPC management that allows them to optimize clients’ campaigns for call tracking.

Marc explains more about this in the video below:

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • Rather than optimizing for conversions that happen on your website, Acquisio’s new tool optimizes for calls received by users clicking on your PPC ads.
  • Acquisio’s third party partners track metrics such as the number of calls, length of calls, where the calls are coming from, what keywords were searched that eventually lead to a call and so on. Acquisio then uses this data to manage bids and budgets based on number of calls and length of calls.
  • If you’re already a customer with a call tracking company, ask them about Acquisio’s new tool and they will help get you set up. If you’re not a customer of Acquisio’s, or any call tracking company, simply contact them through their website and indicate you’re interested in the call tracking integration in order to get started.
  • Marc indicates that the call tracking tool is best suited for local businesses who manage a lot of accounts.

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Optimize PPC Campaigns For Call Tracking With New Acquisio Tool: Interview With Marc Poirier

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