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How I Optimized My Mind for More Joy & Productivity in Life & Work

Use these tips to optimize your life and cultivate more joy, ease, and harmony to improve your overall life, work, and well-being.

Friday Focus

Life can be whatever we make of it.

Too often I’ve got stuck in rigid belief systems and attached to how I’ve been taught to operate in order to be successful.

I’ve found that in developing more self-awareness, taming my mind, and learning how I personally think and function best, has set me up to be more productive.

The biggest myth of all is that working longer hours and harder, leads to more money and more success.

In fact, living stress-free, developing self-awareness and becoming mentally and emotionally balanced allow for more clarity and ease.

All work and no play will drive a person crazy and often leads to burn out, health problems, unhappiness, and more.

I’ve found it necessary to take time for myself, indulge in self-care, and make my health and happiness key priorities.

Becoming more self-aware and mindful has radically improved my health, wellbeing, career, and lifestyle.

The better I feel, the more productive I am, the more creative I can become, and the better life gets.

My mind is sharp, intuitive, and I can focus more and get things done when I have the energy and internal alignment and motivation.

When I’m congruent in my words, actions, and behaviors, and take care of myself, work gets done quicker, my mind thinks fast, and creative problem solving becomes easier.

Like I optimize content and websites for search engines, I also make optimizing my mind a daily practice with meditation, yoga, and self-care.

The more peaceful and balanced I can become, the more productive I can be.

Like a computer, the mind is a powerful force.

Shifting internally and optimizing the mind by activating neural networks improves brain function, releases fight or flight, and reduces trauma and stress.

This helps with decision making, teaches us to be less reactive, and improves soft skills and leadership skills by:

  • Better connecting with others.
  • Communicating effectively.
  • Actually listening – rather than listening to respond.

Meditation, yoga, and self-development have taught me to create internal harmony and happiness by neutralizing the mind, taking care of my body, releasing unconscious fears, and negative emotions.

I’ve learned our own perception often gets us stuck and in a state of resistance that keeps us upset, feeling unfilled, or projecting onto others.

Knowing that everyone holds a different lens of reality, and perceives life through their own filters, and interprets things in different ways, can help in business and SEO.

Ultimately, the power lies in the user and how they think and behave.

Understanding psychology and our individual lens can help everyone understand people – why humans behave as they do and how to better communicate and connect.

Studying the mind and doing meditation has helped me do search engine optimization better by thinking more like a computer, and less like an analytical human.

Mindfulness has taught me to be more flexible and open-minded and the more I shift my beliefs and perceptions, the easier life becomes and the answers I need show up.

Detaching from how we think people, business, and life needs to be, helps be more present in the now, and live in more caring, and conscious ways.

Feeling good and optimizing my lens of reality and maintaining a positive and neutral attitude has allowed my life to become more enjoyable as I learned to release fears and limited thinking and play more and make life less of a struggle.

Life changes when we change and make the internal mental and emotional shifts and begin to believe in ourselves and our ability to live with more joy, happiness, and wellbeing.

It’s up to us individually to make positive changes and improve ourselves if we want our external world, or anything in life, to shift.

Otherwise, our subconscious and patterns continue to keep us in the same state and we will think others are the problem, instead of taking responsibility.

To thrive in life and with business, we need to develop a structure and have a system that can maximize productivity while keeping work enjoyable and maintaining a positive environment that supports people and sets everyone up for success.

You can create balance, design a life you don’t need to escape from, and attune the mind to think and act differently.

Developing internal joy and maintaining a positive and flexible attitude can set up a foundation to live more productive, organized, and content.

Nothing changes until you choose to change, shift the mind, and are willing to live and think in a different way.

Use these tips to optimize your life and cultivate more joy, ease, and harmony to improve your overall life, work, and well-being.

Have a Daily Morning Routine

Start your day in a consistent manner and have something that stabilizes your morning and sets the tone of your day.

It can be as easy as reading a positive quote or sitting down and becoming present while drinking coffee or tea.

Feel Good with Food & Less Alcohol

The food we eat affects our health and wellbeing and affects our mind and nervous system.

Eating too much, overloading on heavy foods, sugar, and too much caffeine can actually deplete us.

Watch how much more clear you think when you eliminate alcohol, change your diet, and feed your body well.

Do Meditation

Successful people know the power of meditation and how the mind rules reality.

Take time to tune out and close your eyes and breathe in a relaxed setting.

This releases stress, improves digestion, and energizes the body naturally.

Make Movement a Daily Habit

We become resistant when we hold mental and emotional stuck energy.

Movement helps the mind and body release and helps us ground down into the present.

Sweating, stretching, and movement can have profound effects on the nervous system and gives us endorphins to feel good.

Take Action & Change Old Patterns

Our patterns shape us and create the same circumstances again and again.

It’s possible to self-sabotage with our unwillingness to think differently and change our ways.

Consider where you’re overexerting, trying too hard, and getting triggered, as well as how you can shift to live more open-minded and take a new action.

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How I Optimized My Mind for More Joy & Productivity in Life & Work

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