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Oops! Google Did It Again, Gets Big Chunk of Search Market Share for August

As expected, the latest data from comScore shows that Google once again got the biggest chunk of the search market share for August and even managed to register a 1.1% increase from last month’s 61.9% to 63%. And we don’t have to guess who suffered from Google’s gain, Yahoo with a .9% decrease from last month’s 20.5% to 19.6% and Microsoft with .6% decrease from 8.9% to this month’s 8.3%.

Both Ask Network and AOL got a slight increase with .3% (4.5%-4.8%) and .1% (4.2%-4.3%)  respectively .


Connecting this search market statistics to the search ad deal between Google and Yahoo which is set to materialize starting October, despite criticism and objections from various industry players and pending scrutiny by the Dept. of Justice, it would seem that as it stands right now, Google is already dominating the search market, and it will just be a matter of time before 99% of the online search advertisers turn to Google for their ad serving requirements.

The Google-Yahoo search deal wouldn’t really have a big impact on the current search market standings. Even if Google manages to snag away the remaining Yahoo search users, it will just add up to the already big market share of Google.

The DOJ’s decision regarding the controversial ad deal is pointing to one direction where a resounding “YES” awaits Google and Yahoo. It will just be a matter of time.

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Oops! Google Did It Again, Gets Big Chunk of Search Market Share for August

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