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Oodle : Easing Search for Classified Ads

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Oodle : Easing Search for Classified Ads

Oodle, the search engine for classified advertisements has roped in several features to make the task of rummaging through classified easy and informational.

Whether you are searching for a home or a job, Oodle provides local advertisements specific to your requirements. The engine covers classified ads over many cities and educational institutions.

The integration of several key features in Oodle makes it easy for users to keep track of upcoming ads and also be informed via mail when an event of interest happens in their locality. Co-founder and CEO Craig Donato said that it was the fragmentation in the classified ads space that led to the idea of Oodle.

And new features added the site make it easier for users to save their search information and apply semantics to structure the information so that the mesh of classified ads is easy to browse through.

The engine has been expanding its footprint and with more success in the area of classified ads, it will be interesting to see how Oodle faces the heat when the major search engine spruce up for targeting classified ads.


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