Oodle Builds a New Facebook Marketplace

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After almost two years of existence, Facebook Marketplace is finally getting a much needed boost by way of Oodle, an online classifieds company which has built a new Facebook Marketplace interface.

The new Oodle-powered Facebook Marketplace now provides Facebook advertisers an easier way of creating, sharing and responding to ad listings. With Oodle’s online classifieds technology in the background Facebook hopes to boosts its Marketplace usage by Facebook advertisers and members for buying and selling various products and services.


The new Facebook Marketplace will not immediately replace the old Facebook Marketplace.  Facebook members who are still using it can see the link to the Marketplace as a bookmark on the Facebook Applications tag. Facebook members who have existing listings at the Facebook Marketplace will also be given the option to migrate their listings to the new Facebook Marketplace. In addition, the new Facebook Marketplace will also be listed on Facebook’s Application Directory.

In line with the launch of  the Oodle Facebook Marketplace, Oodle is also sponsoring a charitable cause which would let Facebook members participating in the Facebook Marketplace to donate their profits to charities.  Participating charities include UNICEF, Sierra Club and other local organizations.

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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  • sandy

    WOW! That’s really a good news, Oodle is sponsoring a charitable cause, Arnold, thanks for sharing this news.

  • Bassem B.

    I’ve never heard of Oodle. All I know is that they’ve made a big mistake by launching the new Marketplace without international support.

    I can’t believe Facebook has given over their Marketplace to a third party developer. Already they’ve messed it up.

    Open the new application’s About page and you will find comments by outraged international users – same on the Facebook Blog page announcing the change.

    What a failure to launch.

  • Yuka

    It had to be done much earlier. Anyway, let’s see.