On-Demand Indexing by Google Custom Search Engine

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Google has introduced a new system to work in conjunction with its already existing Custom Search Engine (CSE).

Since the launch of the CSE, its had a downfall for smaller publishers. The engine couldn’t index the entire site properly. With the introduction of the new system, Google’s CSE is able to index full sites using sitemaps with on-demand flexibility.

Let’s say you are a site with 500 pages, but not a very popular site. Googlebot probably doesn’t index your site fully because it doesn’t think it needs to. But you want to use the Google CSE to offer search functionality on your site for your visitors. You obviously want to be able to offer those visitors the full search experience for any page on your site. Now you can.

With the recent update to the system, it’s going to provide a far better search experience and overall better site experience for users.

This new system will work together with the Webmaster Tools platform.

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