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Often Forgotten SEO Audit Issues to Boost Your Performance [Podcast]


Our host, Loren Baker, is joined by an SEO analyst and expert, Joe Hall of Hall Analysis. Joe shares his insights and everything you need to know about performing a successful SEO audit. What makes a website stand out? Are you – or your clients – making an elaborate effort to make your presence known?

With Joe’s vast experience collaborating with the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley Startups, strategy development and in-depth SEO analysis are right up in his alley.

In this episode, Joe enlightens us with often-forgotten SEO auditing issues, like: how to recognize your limitations, having a strategic vs. tactical mindset, establishing best practices, and so much more!

Watch or listen to this insightful episode to help you on your SEO journey! Don’t forget to subscribe, leave a five-star rating and share to help more entrepreneurs improve and grow their businesses.

  • 0:00 Host Introduction
  • 0:20 Reminiscing
  • 1:43 Does Joe utilize Ahrefs?
  • 3:05 Back when Joe started in SEO
  • 4:14 Who is Joe Hall
  • 7:52 Dealing with clients’ websites
  • 13:01 Truth about tools for auditing
  • 17:15 Strategy to get clients to execute an SEO audit and how speaking with the developers give more ability and credit
  • 25:35 Joe’s marketing
  • 28:19 Thoughts on doing redirects
  • 34:16 Doing a redirection plan
  • 42:30 Joe’s thoughts on the summer of core updates
  • 48:10 Aggregating KPIs
  • 54:39 Changes in performing SEO roles and AI
  • 1:00:23 SEO’s energy optimization

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Often Forgotten SEO Audit Issues to Boost Your Performance [Podcast]

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