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October PPC Changes Recap, 2011

Every month I like to go over all the changes in the PPC world.  Here are all the changes thus far in the month of October. We have had a busy month with Google announcing several products and making a few changes that could impact the search engine advertising world.

From adding the +1 button in all Display Network Ads, to a new system that will help advertisers get more verified calls to their website.  I’ll walk you through and give you the basics on everything!

Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads is Googles new system to take advantage of all the traffic that isn’t being used while helping businesses to gain more customers. Google indexes your site frequently for changes, next it looks at all the keywords from your website and generates a highly dynamic search ad.  This dynamic search ad is based on different search queries that take place on Google. The ads will be served to people that search for terms and keywords that are found on your landing pages and website.

You can open Dynamic Search Ads up to your whole site or specific pages within your site.  This will help people to not have to manage every little part and find keywords and manage your campaign.  I would however make sure that Google is bidding on keywords that you should be bidding on.  Giving any system full control over your account without checking it could mean that you are losing a lot of money every month.  Make sure that you are only promoting the pages that you want to get traffic to and feel comfortable spending money on.

This system is in beta and you can apply for yourself or your clients here.

AdWords Express Available in UK and Germany

Adwords Express was released in late July as a way for local businesses to promote their business with a Google AdWords type system that’s easy to use.  The whole setup process from start to finish takes around 10 minutes.  You can tell Google how much you want to spend and you’re set to go. Google will take care of the rest for you.  Potential customers will see your ads in the section right above the organic listings but below Google Adwords.  Your ads will also show up on maps with a blue pin instead of a red pin like all the rest.  This will help your local business stand out but will cost you money in order to do it.

One very nice thing about AdWords Express is that your business will shown in two different places for each search that a person performs if you are optimizing your Google Places account.  When people see your business in two different places on the same page, they will naturally give your business more trust.  This will help your business get more customers. Google is trying to help local business with an easy to use system that takes 10 minutes to setup and you don’t have to do much after that.

Google +1 Button Now Displaying in Google Display Network Ads

Google has now started displaying the Google +1 button in the Display Ads Network ads.  Anyone that has +1’d your website or any of your ads will now show on both your ads and your website.  This is turning social recommendations and injecting them with steroids.  Now everyone can see what you’re doing and liking across the internet.

Now you can +1 a website and it will display in the ads for the website that you have recommended to people. If a million people +1 your website, it will show up that a million people have +1 your banner ad. At the same time, if a million people +1 on your banner ads, every single one of those will show up on your site as someone +1 your website.


Have you ever wanted to get more phone calls to your business?  Now you can with Google’s bid-per-call system.  With bid-per-call you bid for phone calls and determine how much money you’re going to pay per phone call.  Google will give you a personalized number that will track everything.  When you put up your ads, people will be able to call the phone number listed and it will all be tracked through your Adwords tracking account.

The more you bid, the better your ad is written, and the higher your quality score, the higher your ads will be placed.  When your ads are placed towards the top, it will get you more calls and more customers.  This is a very good system for businesses that are very phone oriented and good at selling their products over the phone.  It’s important to note that you will only have to pay for the call to the phone number that Google gives you.  Your ad will also be available to click.  Whichever the person does you will have to pay Google for.

At this time Google bid-per-call system is only available in the US and UK as long as you meet certain click call requirements.

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October PPC Changes Recap, 2011

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