NYT Opens My Times to the Public

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Finally, after more than a year of being in beta stage, NY Times opens the doors of its start page personalization portal, My Times to the public. My Times is a web portal that lets NYT readers organize not only NYT articles but articles from all over the internet.

mytimes.jpgMy Times is like your other social news aggregator sites with all the features of a web 2.0 portal such as widgets, bookmarking facilities, rss feeds and portal-wide searching facility. The difference though is the NY Times look and feel since My Times is still a subset of the main NY Times main web site.

It took NYT to release My Times out of beta due to some security problems and performance improvement issues. And the wait seemed to have paid well. My Times looks clean, loads fast, and easy to customize. Among the features that were improved since it was launched more than a year ago are:

  • Faster search, with greater relevancy
  • More feeds
  • Font resizer for easier reading
  • Crossword puzzle
  • Flickr slideshows
  • More journalist suggestions

If you are a registered reader of the free NY Times web site, you can easily access you’re my Times home page and start personalizing the contents. My Times has pre-selected content source from around the web aside from the different sections NYTimes.com which you can easily add into you’re my Times portal.

So, what’s next? My Journal? My Post? My Tribune?

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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  • Hawaii SEO

    Web 2.0 was defined by consumer generated content and social networking.

    Web 3.0 will be defined by apps like this where you create your own user experience on others websites and filter out all the stuff you don’t want.

    I believe the next evolution will be to customize all sorts of other websites like Expedia, eBay and Amazon. You’ll go there and only see what you have pulled onto the page yourself. Power users will have hundreds of items they are tracking.

    Behavioral targeting will likely be tied directly into your user profile and preference settings. Online ads will become much more targeted and relevant.

  • Wayne Smallman

    So what’s the technology behind My Times?

    I ask because the appearance (though arguably superficial) is similar to that of iGoogle and Netvibes.

    The latter of which have their Universe line of branded portals…