: Fox and NBC’s Answer to YouTube

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hulu.jpgAfter months of speculation, News Corp. and NBC’s online video partnership has surfaced to the face of the web. Simply named Hulu, the online video is preparing to face off with other online video portals, more particularly with Google’s leading video portal, YouTube.

The main page of is now up and running with a very interesting teaser. The site however, doesn’t say enough about what’s to come and what’s in store for internet users. But invitation is now open for users who want to test drive the beta version which will open in October.

Already, the site has generated quite a buzz. With nothing to show on the site, News Corp’s and NBC’s choice of name for the video portal has been the focus of comments and criticisms. Specifically, the name maybe simple but it doesn’t seem to mean anything related to online video or videos in general.

Why the chosen name? The Hulu site has this to say:

Hulu is short, easy to spell, easy to pronounce, and rhymes with itself. Subjectively, Hulu strikes us as an inherently fun name, one that captures the spirit of the service we’re building.

So, what do you think? Judging by the name alone back up by the two companies who owns the video portal, does Hulu stand a chance of beating YouTube in the online video arena? If you can associate the name with video somehow, then there is a good possibility. But after reading this article, and you forget what Hulu is all about, then Hulu doesn’t stand a slight chance against YouTube. But who knows, it still too early to tell. We’ll see when Hulu beta gets rolling if indeed it is the the YouTube killer.

Arnold Zafra
Arnold Zafra writes daily on the announcements by Google,, Yahoo & MSN along with how these announcements effect web publishers. He is currently building three niche blogs covering iPad News, Google Android Phones and E-Book Readers.
Arnold Zafra
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  • nani hulu

    well, i’ve always liked the name Hulu since it is my last name! How ever did you decide on that name?

  • Paul

    Hulu happens to be the very best network for watching tv and movies on the internet today , I love it my daughter and I watch hundreds of kids shows and for me late night and chance to catch up on “bones and house and the new show Fringe as well as the terminator oh and the new knight rider awesome!!!! hulu is the best and u tube is a thing of the past for me…u tube is the commodore 2000 and hulu is the new HP good for you hulu you keep broadcasting and my family will continue to watch….

  • http://google james castle

    i would like to watch live tv