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New Google AdSense Layout and Features

New Google AdSense Layout and Features

From the AdSense blog: You can now access all AdSense products from the AdSense Setup tab within your account — edit your color palettes, get code snippets, access your channels, and more. As we add even more products and features, they’ll all share a consistent style to keep AdSense easy to use. For example, try out the new AdSense for content color picker for choosing and customizing new color palettes on the fly. Explore the link unit wizard with its new live preview feature and expanded explanations of this unique advertising option. These are just a couple of the many features we’re planning to offer, so keep an eye out for new options soon.

The new AdSense tab makes it easier to get started with AdSense – setting up AdSense code is split up into logical steps and the overall layout is less cluttered. Overall the changes are minor, but help improve the user experience. The live preview feature is good for getting an idea of how an AdSense block will look.

Couple new reporting features are being added:

We now offer more detailed reports about the type of ad targeting you’re displaying on your pages. See how much of your traffic is viewing site-targeted CPM ads and how much is viewing contextually-targeted CPC ads. To view separate reports for contexual targeting and site targeting, visit your Advanced Reports page. From there, choose AdSense for content as the product, select to show data by individual ad unit, and click the checkbox marked Show data by targeting type – contextual or site. Then generate a report as usual.

Reports for referrals are also being added.

Michael Nguyen blogs regularly at Social Patterns and is a search engine optimization expert for SEO Inc, a full-service search engine optimization firm.

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New Google AdSense Layout and Features

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