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Here is a look at some of my new favorite features in Google AdWords. I’ll review IP Exclusion, Traffic Estimator Beta, and Search Funnels.

IP Exclusion

We all hate it when a client, boss, or executive calls asking why the ads are not showing. How much more annoying is it when you find you account executives or other company staff clicking on your ads? Want to stop a particularly pesky competitor from seeing your ads?

You can stop it all, on most of the Google Search Network that is. A network site might not always be able to detect IP addresses, so be aware of that. But setting this up is simple.

Step 1

Make sure you are signed into your Google Account and go to

Step 2

Click on the IP Exclusion Tool (7th down, left side for me)

Step 3

Choose a campaign

Step 4

Enter the IP addresses you want to block (up to 20)

Step 5

Rinse and Repeat (aka do it again for the other campaigns)

Traffic Estimator

There is a beta of this tool (which is why I am saying “new”) that is in the new format. This is a great tool to use when you are planning new campaigns, launching a new product, or pitching a new client.

Step 1

Make sure you are logged into AdWords and head over here:

Step 2

Click on the link to the new version.

Step 3

Grab your keywords (you have them ready right?), as many as you want, and dump them in the first area. Pick a CPC and set the budget based on what has already be decided by people who are not you. Kidding. If you don’t know leave these two blank.

Step 4

This is where I don’t like this tool much. Geography. Be sure that is set to the right country and language. It just won’t do real geolocation estimates yet. *sigh*

Step 5

Hit “Estimate” and Viola! Per day cost estimates at your fingertips. (No, my client will NOT be spending this much per day.)

Search Funnels

This tool is so new that none of my clients have it yet, and there are some large limitations on it. But the data that could be shown is powerful.

There is a debate right now about what should get the credit for a conversion.  Currently, only the last action gets the credit, when it is more likely that the conversion was due to a number of factors over time.

Google is attempting to aide in this issue by giving advertisers access to the bid keywords in which a searcher triggered the advertiser’s ad leading up to the conversion from AdWords. See the restrictions in that sentence?

  1. Bid keywords – not the actual search query but the phrase that the advertiser was bidding on at the moment of the click. Naturally we would all hope to see the actual search query someday, but we might not because of user privacy issues.
  2. Triggered the ad – it only counts if the user triggered your ad. That means any related searches they might have done when your ads were down, or too far down in the rotation won’t show up.
  3. Conversion from AdWords – The conversion has to happen in AdWords. All data from organic results or those clicks or impressions not from are left out for now. Big kicker especially if you are bidding for terms you rank well for. Keep in mind there are many other instances where the user could have had interaction with your brand offline that influences their click choice. This is just a peek at user interface with your brand.
  4. Tracking – The conversion has to be tracked in AdWords or you have to sync up a Google Analytics account to AdWords.
  5. Time Restraint – The conversion has to happen within 30 days of any previous clicks or impressions.

Never the less, I am proud of Google for starting the process of getting us this data. Some people might scoff at Google for so many restrictions, but to that I say watch this.

Do You Have Search Funnels?

To check if you are part of the beta test, login to your AdWords account.

Step 1

Go to the Conversions section of the Reporting Menu,

Step 2

See this? If you do, enjoy! If not, you can wait with me and everyone else.

Find out more about Search Funnels and more at the Google Inside AdWords Blog.

Kate Morris
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