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Net Neutrality and Meg Whitman of eBay

Net Neutrality and Meg Whitman of eBay

Just in the last five minutes, I’ve received a letter addressed personally to ME from the CEO of eBay, Meg Whitman! W00t! Well, not really’s to my eBay ID and I guess it went out to like a million other people..but let’s look at it anyway, shall we?

“As you know, I almost never reach out to you personally with a request to get involved in a debate in the U.S. Congress. However, today I feel I must.

…Today’s Internet is an incredible open marketplace for goods, services, information and ideas. We can’t give that up. A two lane system will restrict innovation because start-ups and small companies — the companies that can’t afford the high fees — will be unable to succeed, and we’ll lose out on the jobs, creativity and inspiration that come with them.

The power belongs with Internet users, not the big phone and cable companies. Let’s use that power to send as many messages as possible to our elected officials in Washington. Please join me by clicking here right now to send a message to your representatives in Congress before it is too late. You can make the difference.”

And if you want to talk further to Meg and perhaps pick her brain about the whole Net Neutrality thing, you can email and (most likely) get a stock answer. Obviously eBay has a large stake in whether or not the Net is changed into the two-tier system that is currently being discussed.

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Wendy Boswell is the Editor for About Web Search and part of the New York Times Company.

Net Neutrality and Meg Whitman of eBay

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