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MySpace made a silent change to their MySpace Video program over the weekend, adding user uploaded videos to the default MySpace profile in a new section dubbed Video Space.

Nested between the Who I’d Like To Meet and Friends area of MySpace profiles, Video Space automatically serves a video if the MySpace user has uploaded one.

Being that MySpace only used to serve videos if members had embedded them into their profiles, the new Video Space, grouped with new Video Feeds on the MySpace Homepage and the MySpace TV on Demand project, are sure to enhance the social network into the direction of YouTube as a user generated video upload and video sharing offering, paired with the music clips and pimped out profiles which MySpace was built upon.

Also expect MySpace’s share of the online video market to increase, as this ‘force fed’ profile video change is sure to lead to more video viewing and user uploads…. lending a new coolness factor to user generated video (even if half of them will be tanktop or shirtless poses or dancing). Adds Video Space

For an idea of market share, here is some somewhat dated information from HitWise:

August 2006 data reflects the following in terms of rankings (based on share of visits):

* YouTube: 45.46%
* MySpace Videos: 22.99%
* Google Video: 10.25%
* Yahoo! Video: 6.06%
* MSN Video: 5.92%

More information on Online Video popularity between MySpace, YouTube, Google, MSN and Yahoo Video.

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