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MySpace Developer Platform Opens for Third Party Developers

MySpace Developer Platform Opens for Third Party Developers

On Monday MySpace announced the launch of their developer platform, and beginning today developers can begin building applications for use with the popular social networking site. What is interesting about this so-called launch is that it is launching without any actual applications for users to mess around with. Instead, the idea is that all developers will get an equal opportunity to gain popularity once the platform launches for all users next month.

This is in stark contrast to social networking rival Facebook, who gave platform launch partners (Slide, iLike, RockYou, and so on) a major head-start by making their apps available before everyone else was able to begin making apps.  With the MySpace Developer Platform, everyone starts on the same level, and everyone has the same chance to start up a popular app. There’s no unfair advantage.

So right now, the platform is only available for developers.  Which means that you cannot start adding them to your MySpace page yet.  The applications will not be rolled out until March, when the platform is released for everyone.

If you’re interested in checking out the MySpace developer site, or want to get started building your own apps, head on over to  Included there is documentation, sample code, forums, a developer’s sandbox, and a few blogs from the platform development team.

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MySpace Developer Platform Opens for Third Party Developers

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