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MSN Search Testing DMOZ Descriptions

MSN Search Testing DMOZ Descriptions

According to a thread titled MSN uses DMOZ description at Webmaster World, site publishers have been noticing that the default descriptions of their web sites which are served in the MSN Search results are being provided by the Netscape Open Directory Project (DMOZ). While Google has been using the DMOZ for some index descriptions for years, this is the first occurrence of such results in MSN Search, fortifying the importance of listings in the DMOZ authoritative directory.

On the other hand, some search engine optimization (SEO) practitioners have voiced their concerns over the DMOZ descriptions. Aaron Wall of Threadwatch questions the relevancy and control of such edited site listings and is looking for ways of avoiding them as defaults in MSN Search :

I have seen an increasingly large number of SEOs become perturbed at the low relevancy or low quality of the marketing message provided by their DMOZ descriptions. Is a DMOZ listing still worth getting? In what markets would you recommend getting it / avoiding it?

Are any other webmasters or publishers seeing similar results in MSN Search? Please feel free to list examples and voice your opinion on DMOZ below in the comment field.

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MSN Search Testing DMOZ Descriptions

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