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Moz Launches Brand Authority Metric At MozCon With Top 500 US Brands List

Discover Moz's new Brand Authority metric, which helps marketers quantify brand strength, along with a list of the top 500 US brands.

  • Moz has introduced a new metric, Brand Authority, enabling businesses to measure online brand strength.
  • Brand Authority provides a comprehensive brand performance index for marketers and PR professionals.
  • With Brand Authority, companies can optimize their ROI, evaluate sales prospects, and gauge the influence of media brands that carry their stories.
moz brand authority

Moz introduced Brand Authority, a new metric designed to gauge online brand strength, at MozCon.

This analytical tool could help companies evaluate the competitive landscape with a unique brand comparison visualization feature.

In an attempt to quantify brand salience, Moz’s research scientists and product team launched the new metric based on data from companies in the United States.

What Is Moz’s Brand Authority?

The Brand Authority metric capitalizes on Moz’s search data and proprietary algorithm, offering marketers insight into their brand’s performance and avenues for.

Available on Moz Pro and through the Moz API, Brand Authority provides a measurable brand performance index for marketers and PR professionals.

It should help marketers identify ways to optimize their strategy for higher return on investment (ROI), appreciate the worth of sales prospects and potential acquisition targets, and gauge the influence of media brand mentions.

Brand Authority aims to offer a comprehensive picture, paving the way for more effective strategies and improved outcomes.

According to Dr. Peter J. Meyers, Marketing Scientist at Moz, the new metric has valuable potential for brand marketers.

“By measuring the full power of any brand, including offline influences previously out of reach, users can make more informed decisions and drive better results and higher ROI.”

Known for its domain authority metric, Moz has provided unique insights to search marketers since 2004.

Top US Brands Based On Brand Authority

Coinciding with the launch of this novel metric, Moz released a list of the top 500 US brands based on Brand Authority scores.

Marketers and PR professionals can use this list and the new Brand Authority comparison visualization in Moz Pro to strengthen their competitive analysis.

Google, Meta, and Amazon top the list, followed by popular consumer brands and news.

Screenshot from Moz, August 2023

Increasing ROI With Brand Authority

The Brand Authority metric officially debuted at MozCon, an annual SEO conference to explore the future of search, gain insights, and connect with fellow marketing professionals.

Moz intends to expand the new brand data with more regions by 2024. Brand Authority’s launch could be crucial for those who aim to improve their brand performance and competitive position.

This new tool should help professionals comprehensively assess brand strength, identify marketing gaps, and strategize more effectively.

Featured image: Sharaf Maksumov/Shutterstock

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Moz Launches Brand Authority Metric At MozCon With Top 500 US Brands List

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