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This Month in #ContentMarketing: December

The basics of good content hasn't changed in the last ten years. In fact, many businesses are planning to focus on content marketing in 2015.

This Month in #ContentMarketing: February | SEJ

The basics of good content haven’t changed in the last ten years, but 2014 did bring a renewed focus on developing great content. As we look into 2015, many businesses are planning to focus on content marketing in the coming year.

Perhaps Stephanie Miller said it best: Content is King. Again. Still.

But what is ‘good content’ and what is the best way to go about creating it? Each month, we will try to answer that question by looking at the top news and articles in content marketing.

In December, content marketing experts covered everything from predictions for 2015 to how psychology can inform your content marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at five of our favorite content marketing articles.

(Note: These are listed in no particular order, and is completely subjective.)

From The Guardian: Will 2015 be the Year Content Marketing Grows Up?This Month in #ContentMarketing: December | SEJ

According to The Guardian, both talent and money have shifted to new businesses who are focused on developing helpful content. We thought 2014 was the year of content marketing, but perhaps next year will see even bigger shifts?

Behavioural Psychology and Content Marketing  From Business2Community

Behavioral psychology focuses on why people behave in certain ways when exposed to certain stimulants. Which, if you think about it, is a pretty darn good thing to look at if you are focusing on content marketing. Amber Kemmis suggests focusing on what you want your audience to do before you start creating content and working on long-term goals, by ‘shaping’ behaviors over time.

Using Interactive Content to Rise Above the Clutter From Venture Beat

This was a sponsored post on Venture Beat, however, the information offered is solid. Marketers are always looking for a way to rise above the competition, and interactive content might give you the edge you need. Think lookbooks, assessments, quizzes, etc. Anything that gets your readers involved will help you stand out.

14 Checklists, Scorecards, and Worksheets to Set Up Content Marketing Success From Content Marketing InstituteThis Month in #ContentMarketing: December | SEJ

This article provides actionable information you can use to develop and maintain your content strategy, which is super useful as we go into a new year. Whether you are just starting to develop your content marketing, or looking to stay on top of your current one, this article offers a variety really helpful resources.

The Best Branded Content of 2014 From Contently

From the Lego movie, which was essentially a feature-film length commercial that managed to make over $450 million dollars, to Purina’s hilarious “Dear Kitten” videos, companies produced some awesome and entertaining content in 2014. This round-up is just what you need to inspire your 2015 content marketing strategy.


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This Month in #ContentMarketing: December

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