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Miss PubCon Boston? No You Didn’t. Read the PubCon Blog Round Up!

Miss PubCon Boston? No You Didn’t. Read the PubCon Blog Round Up!

I searched Google News, Google blog search (lots of fresh blog posts – much improved since last I searched it), Technorati, Yahoo, PreFound and Ask (who has SEL’s feed in their news results… yay!). Malcolm Gladwell was PubCon’s keynote speaker, so I’m opening this post with the (2) writeups I found about him.

Malcolm Gladwell: Social Power Tops Economic, Political

Malcolm Gladwell – Pubcon Boston Keynote (Lee Odden)

Danny Sullivan rounded up some sessions: Conference Coverage: PubCon 2006 & SES Japan 2006

Lee Odden has LOTS of links (he’s got MANY not on this list)

WebmasterWorld Boston 2006 Pubcon Wrapup

He also knows how to get down: YPN Party – Boston Pubcon

And Barry Schwartz rounded up the forum coverage:

WebmasterWorld Pub Con Boston 2006

And, just to play favorites, my good buddy and esteemed colleague Adam Schultz, Manager of Product Development for MarketSmart Interactive, attended 6 sessions at PubCon and wrote the following reviews:

Competitive Intelligence and Search Marketing: Keep it Smart, Keep it Legal!

Search Engines and Webmasters Super Session with Ask, Google, Yahoo and MSN

Search Marketing and Public Relations Session

Blogging Advice From Jeremy Zawodny, Matt Cutts and Robert Scoble

Blog Optimization + Q/A With Matt Cutts and Jeremy Zawodny

Optimizing for ENORMOUS Clients

WebProNews, my alma mater, tore the roof entirely off the mother:

Stars Of Blogging Come Out At PubCon

Link Building And Dangerous Heights

Search Engine SmackDown!

Google Lunches With Sitemaps At PubCon

Building Links At PubCon

I really liked this review, as it was pithy and easily digestible:

19 things I learned at PubCon Boston 2006 (Webmaster World)

Joe Duck is a new name to me, but has some good write ups:

Webmaster World Day 2 – Jeremy, Matt, Robert on blogging

Google and Yahoo review websites at WebmasterWorld Boston

WebmasterWorld Boston moves to the Elephant & Castle

And last but not least:

Dan Kramer Interview

Link Building Clinic

Who’d I miss? Please add your PubCon coverage or coverage you liked in the comments.

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Miss PubCon Boston? No You Didn’t. Read the PubCon Blog Round Up!

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