Mind Your Neck and Stop Knocking Promoted Tweets

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Mind Your Neck and Stop Knocking Promoted Tweets


So Twitter’s got a big – whoo-pished! – backlash after announcing they will be launching promoted tweets. I’m seeing Twitter users saying that it will turn Twitter into a male enhancement and teeth whitening spam box; it wont work and threatening to leave the platform; and quote unquote ‘experts’ claim it is not much of an innovative idea. Here’s an adage, which may bring some light to the issue: KISS – Keep It Simple Shithead.

Twitter may have had all type of creative ideas on the table; ‘Oh, lets have advertisers pay for tweet in 3-D that will smack fire out the user until he pays attention. hmm; its going to cost a Wall Street Stimulus package and the resurrection of Thomas Edison to develop – lets just go with promoted tweets.”

Promoted tweets will be posted and will only be allowed to stay on the site if people reply, retweet, or favorite it.

This is like the user-voted ads on Digg and sponsored posts written by the editorial staff @ Gawker and Federated Media. This is what spurred the buzz around the launch of Google Adwords – ads displayed based on 1. The amount of money paid 2. The amount of times people clicked on the ads. God bless Google.

The only thing I see is that the Google Adwords algo can’t be as easily manipulated because you have to pay for each click; will Twitter charge for retweets, favorites and replies – spam popups of teeth with black craters? Will these charges ad to positive ROI?

There’s only thing I see Twitter can improve. Twitter is only letting big name companies like Starbucks, & Virgin America play first. Big brands are big brands – Richard Branson could fart and people would follow him and do as he tweets; where if a small business owner were to fart, she would just clear out the elevator and get wacked upside the head with a purse by the lady who couldn’t exit the elevator because the batteries in her power scooter died.

I suggest you open promoted tweets to the mom&pops; the internet is built on the creative spirit of everybody that can hit buttons on the keyboard. Like with Google, once the mom&pop pig farm drops a case study on how they’re selling more mail-orders of fresh-cut bacon and chicharron, that’s when everybody will want a piece and start to throw money at promoted tweets – think long-tail Twitter – the short tail’s still looking for penis enlargement just to keep up.

And for any marketers that are criticizing this move – shame on you! You know that you have to hunt for a marketing campaign that slaps some cash on the table; solely found through trial & error; let the Twitter boys and girls experiment – if you’re focusing on building your brand instead of branding every other social media website spending too much time on them; you should be alright.


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