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Microsoft’s Way of Making its Presence Felt in the SEO/SEM Field

Microsoft today announced three new features for its adCenter program and Live Search. Actually the one for Live Search is already old news, the Webmaster Center. While the new tool for the adCenter is fairly a new feature. And the other a Google Advertising Professionals Program copycat?

Microsoft adExcellence

As I said, this similar to the Google Adwords Certification program whereby adCenter agencies and advertisers will have to finish several training modules geared at honing their skills and proficieny in using Microsoft’s adCenter. At the end of the training modules, they can take a fee-based examination which will test what they have learn from the adExcellence training modules and if they pass, they will become accredited members of adExcellence.

Microsoft adCenter Add-in for Excel 2007

The adCenter Add-in for Excel is a fully integrated Excel-based tool that helps adCenter customers in researching for keywords appropriate for their ad campaigns. AdCenter add-in can rapidly build keyword lists and plan keyword strategy based on relevance, historical cost information and projected volume. This date can then be manipulated through an easily understable Excel worksheet. This tool would help advertisers understand keyword popularity and trends that shows valuable insight into demographic and localized information of actual queries. The adCenter Add-in for Excel is only available for U.S. AdCenter users.

Webmaster Center

The last “new” feature is the recently launched Microsoft Webmaster Center. If you are still interested about it, just check out I honestly don’t find it useful at all.

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Microsoft’s Way of Making its Presence Felt in the SEO/SEM Field

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