Microsoft’s Google Search Killer Strategy is a Rewards Program?

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I must admit that I almost cringed when I read about Microsoft Live Search’s newest strategy to boost its Live Search standing in the web search market, and possibly to attract more users. Microsoft is about to announce its Live Search Cash Back promo, I mean program.

Call it desperate measures or whatever, but no matter how you would look at it, this new program is simply humiliating. Maybe, it’s just he old fashioned me who has high regard for the search engine industry, and the three major search engines that have been monopolizing it. Hence, I could not really understand why Microsoft would resort to such measures to gain some mileage against its competitor. It’s simply amateurish.

Anyway, for those who are interested to know about the Live Search Cash Back program, here goes. Microsoft will be paying users who will use Live Search to search for products and buy them online from participating online retailers. Users will be paid from 2% to 30% of the purchase price as promised by Microsoft. And to carry out this program, Microsoft has commissioned several merchants to participate in the program which include, Barnes &Nobles, Home Depot, J&R Electronics among others.

There are other details regarding this program and we might as well wait for the official announcement from Microsoft. But that is if this post has not yet convinced you to totally forget about Live Search.

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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  • nivash kumar

    Do you say microsoft isn’t playing the game right? They always wanted to enter markets where computers are used, literally they want to conquer the world of computers with their monopoly. Now in search market also. Let’s wait n watch them on Web 2.0 also for further amateurish things like this.

  • CT Moore

    Hm, MSFT thinking: throw enough money at things and they’ll stick. I can’t believe they’ve seemed to have overlooked all those lotto search engines that never take off.

  • James T. Dolan

    This is amateurish or desperation to those who see search as some sort of technical and academic pursuit. But to the people who use search engines to find stuff to buy (the people who actually click on the ads, unlike you and I) this is exactly what they want. Advertisers pay to get results. Consumers search to buy products and services at the best price. Geeks and techies are somewhere in the mix, but they aren’t responsible for Google’s profits.

  • Hull Web Design

    I don’t think this will get people using live search right away. But certainly as people cotton on and realise they can get a cheaper deal for a product they might have already found on google, more and more people will take the extra time to go to live search. Obviously its a horrible way to gather more users, because it doesn’t help search results get any better. But to call it amaturish… hmm, I’d have my reservations about that. If the process of getting cashback is quick, easy and reliable and if the rewards are worth the extra time… then this could actually be something that works quite well for MSFT

  • John Stack

    A looming question – all of this cross marketing stuff is great but how does a spaces user leverage this? I can’t even get my spaces blog to be recognized by google.

  • Replacement Windows Dallas

    If this makes you money why not? Give it a try. I know if I had money rolling in I would’nt be bad mouthing Microsoft.