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Microsoft Snatched Advertising Deal with Edgar Online

And so the battle for internet strategic alliances surges on this year. Right after Google announced that it has reached a deal with broadband service provider Clearwire, here comes Microsoft with its own deal. For Microsoft, it has to be in the form of advertising and content agreement with EDGAR Online, a premier source of financial information and corporate intelligence and is a leading provider of Extensible Markup Language (XML)- and Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL)-tagged data and information.

Under the said deal, Microsoft will be providing contextual and video advertising on EDGAR online’s properties which boosts of 2 million unique visitors per month. EDGAR online for its part will provide content such as Securities and Exchange Commission filing documents for publicly traded U.S. companies. These documents will be made available via the ticker and company search function of the MSN Money web portal.

EDGAR Online’s content covers public companies that file information with the SEC and a complete database of millions of company, fund and individual filers that facilitate company and financial research.

Here’s what representatives from Microsoft and EDGAR Online have to say about the said deal respectively.

“EDGAR Online attracts a highly targeted audience with its deep business and financial content, and coupling that audience with Microsoft’s advertising technologies is going to be a winning combination for advertisers.”

“Microsoft’s advertising technologies are best in class, and we believe this deal will further enhance the experience of our users by ensuring the advertising they see on our site is relevant to their interests.”

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Microsoft Snatched Advertising Deal with Edgar Online

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