Microsoft Rebuilds Bing Webmaster Tools from the Ground Up

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Microsoft has just launched a newly updated Bing Webmaster Tools which according to the Bing Community Blog is a huge improvement to the old Microsoft Webmaster Tools.  The update was being carried out after Bing has reached out to the webmaster and SEO communities who are in unison in wanting to have more transparency on how Bing crawls and indexes websites, more control of their website contents in the Bing index as well as more useful information for site optimization on Bing.

The “retooled” Bing Webmaster Tools now gives you a simplified and more intuitive experience on crawl, index and traffic. Some of its key features include:

  • Index Explorer – provides access to browse through Bing index to check which of your site’s directories and pages have been included in Bing’s search index
  • Submit URLs – provides Bing with signal on which URLs it should include in the index
  • Crawl issues – lets you view details on redirects, malware and exclusions
  • Block URLs – prevents specific URLS from appearing in Bing SERPs.

The new Bing Webmaster Tools also uses Microsoft Silverlight enabling it to deliver rich charting functionality which is useful for analyzing up to six months of crawling, indexing and traffic data Bing has for your websites.

For existing Bing Webmster Tools users, their old account can be used for logging in to the new Bing Webmaster Tools.

So, are you still using Bing Webmaster Tools? What can you say about the new design and functionality of the tools?

Arnold Zafra
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  • mick

    It looks good but has been really hard to use in Safari and Chrome, obviously bugs but it has been awful for me today. Not been able to check on a lot of my sites with the new tools. It looks like it has great potential though

  • McGarrell Reilly

    i dont think bing will do very good in the next 3 yrs, unless somethign happen to google or yahoo, otherwise only few ppl will use their tools for SEO. for me, i just ignore the traffic come from bing.

  • wasaweb

    Silverlight has caused a few problems initially. I couldn't gain access to some of the data with Firefox or Safari on a Mac. Though to Microsoft's credit, they seem to have sorted that one out. It's a great improvement on the previous version. However, wether this change will result in a better crawling and indexing from Bing remains to be seen.

  • Cliff

    Just when I was starting to try using bing a bit more they come out with this crap!! Totally unimpressed, I'm an almost exclusive linux user, when I tried logging in just saw a blank page, I guessed it was a silverlight issue. After firing up my virtual machine I was totally unimpressed with the new site and unlikely to visit it again any time soon. Another MS #fail

  • Olay

    thanks alot for this post