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Microsoft Offers Up SearchPerks Incentive Program

Once again, Microsoft is enticing users to do their searches on Live Search via a new rewards program called SearchPerks. This search-rewards program adds up to Microsoft’s Live Search Club, Search and Give and Live Search Cashback which are all geared at boosting the Live Search usage among web searchers.

SearchPerks awards users with tickets everytime they use Live Search. Users can earn 25 tickets per day. These tickets can then be redeemed for exciting prizes. Registration to join the program will end until December 31, 2008 or until such time that Microsoft has reached its target of 250,000 sign-ups. Those who will be lucky enough to get into the program will then have until April 2009 to earn those tickets. By then, Microsoft will announced whether to continue SearchPerks or not. That, I think will depend on how popular this program will be in the coming days and whether it significantly boost Microsoft’s search market share.

Here’s the catch though. SearchPerks requires IE 6 or higher version for users to get into the program. Obviously, Microsoft is trying to hit two birds with one stone with the implementation of this program.

If you’re interested to join SearchPerks, simply copy and paste this url – into your IE’s address bar.

I’ve said my views regarding Microsoft’s Live Search cash back program before as well as the company’s strategy of promoting its search engine and I won’t repeat it anymore. Let’s just see how SearchPerks would bring some numbers into Live Search’s market share.

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Microsoft Offers Up SearchPerks Incentive Program

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