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Microsoft Offers Tips For Better Ad Copy With Prompt Engineering

Microsoft reveals the impact of inclusive ad messaging on Gen Z consumer behavior, along with prompt engineering tips to improve ad copy.

  • Inclusive advertising significantly impacts brand perception and purchase intent among Gen Z consumers, with a strong correlation between diversity in ads and increased consumer trust and support.
  • Microsoft offers practical advice on AI prompt engineering for advertisers, emphasizing the importance of incorporating inclusive modifiers and emotional intelligence to personalize and improve ad copy for diverse audiences.
  • Advertisers are encouraged to utilize tools like Microsoft Copilot to tailor copy for inclusivity while maintaining authenticity and accountability for the output.

According to research from Microsoft, inclusive advertising helps brands build connections with Gen Z consumers, leading to more purchasing intent.

  • 76% want to support brands with authentic messaging.
  • 70% will trust a brand that depicts diversity in advertising campaigns more.
  • 47% will trust a brand more if they feel represented in ads.

Most importantly, inclusive messaging can affect a business’s bottom line. Brands saw a 23% lift in purchase intent when they showed the most inclusive ads.

Conversely, 49% of Gen Z consumers would switch to a competitor that better represents their values.

To improve ad copywriting for better performance,  Microsoft offers the following advice for AI prompt engineering tips for advertisers to personalize ad copy for diverse audiences.

Follow This Blueprint For A Great Prompt

An effective AI prompt for generating ad copy should tell the AI:

  • What role will it take on to accomplish the upcoming task, such as the ad copy writer.
  • The task’s goals include writing multiple versions of ad copy at a specified length.
  • Context about the product or service.
  • Details about the target audience.
  • The tone or how the brand voice should sound in the copy.
  • Brand guidelines, market research, or additional source information.
Screenshot from Microsoft Advertising, February 2024

Add Inclusive Modifiers To Build Better Prompts

Inclusive modifiers allow advertisers to improve the prompt by adding metaphors emphasizing connection, open-mindedness, exploration, and balance (everyone is represented).

Each of these aspects can be defined with the following list of 50 words to signal inclusiveness in ad copy.

Screenshot from Microsoft, February 2024

Here’s how the prompt from earlier is updated with inclusive modifiers to demonstrate “dimensions of diversity” and inclusive product features.

Screenshot from Microsoft, February 2024

Experiment With Tone And Feelings On Prompts

When writing your prompt for ad copy, it’s important to consider tone and feelings.

In this context, tone refers to how your message is presented. Feelings, however, refer to how you want your audience to feel after reading it.

Emotional intelligence in advertising allows brands to connect with audiences in a way that leaves them feeling content, clear, confident, and safe with your brand.

Screenshot from Microsoft, February 2024

Advertisers can utilize Microsoft Copilot to determine the right tone for a specific audience (Gen Z vs. Gen X) that would result in a feeling such as safety, making the consumer more likely to purchase.


Advertisers are advised to remain accountable for their Copilot’s output, acting as the campaign’s pilot.

“By being mindful of the tone, feelings, product truths, inclusive advertising insights, and brand values that you want to include and convey, you can craft prompts that will elicit the best possible responses from generative AI.”

Tailoring your ad copy to reflect diverse audiences with the help of inclusive prompt engineering fosters trust and can drive tangible business outcomes.

Featured images: Tada Images/Shutterstock

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Microsoft Offers Tips For Better Ad Copy With Prompt Engineering

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