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Microsoft Names Markezich as New CIO

Microsoft announced on Friday that it has appointed Ron Markezich, a six-year employee, as new Chief Information Officer. Previously the general manager of global technology services for Microsoft’s IT department, Markezich will be responsible for managing one of the most complex IT systems in the industry, making sure that 300,000 devices, including desktop PCs, laptops, networked server computers and other machines work without glitches.

“We use Microsoft products very aggressively,” Markezich told Reuters news service. Markezich added that there would be no change to that policy and that Microsoft is also aiming to take more than $100 million out of the cost of running its infrastructure by adopting its own technology to consolidate hardware and software systems.

“One of our priorities as an organization has been to make sure that we embrace trustworthy computing in everything we do,” Markezich said.

In search related news, Microsoft has recently been focusing on the overhauling of the MSN Search search engine technology, hoping to announce a new search engine and search advertising technology by July. Recently, Microsoft has released a new News search feature, Newsbot, along with a Microsoft Blog Search tool.

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Microsoft Names Markezich as New CIO

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