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Microsoft Memos Employees about Microsoft-Yahoo Merger Plans

If there is one clear indication that Microsoft is seriously bent on taking over Yahoo that has got to be the recent memo issued by Microsoft Platforms & Services Division President Kevin Johnson to his employees. It was a long memo but among its highlights are the following: 

  • Microsoft’s gave a compelling proposal to Yahoo and reiterates that it was as fair as Microsoft could possible offer to Yahoo
  • There is no agreement yet between Yahoo and Microsoft
  • If the proposal was finally accepted by Yahoo, the transaction shall close by 2nd half of 2008
  • Integration procedure will be carried out as carefully as possible so as not to affect current normal operations of the Division
  • The proposal considers the current Yahoo employees in the integration process
  • Microsoft employees should  stay focused with their current work while the transaction is on going.

A series of more specific Question and Answer follows the letter discussing the most common questions circulating among the Microsoft employees. 

Ironically, what the memo did not mention is the fact that the transaction is not going on smoothly and that Microsoft has already resorted to other more hostile means for the merger to push through. Yahoo board members are currently facing several  lawsuits filed by so called public shareholders criticizing Yahoo’s refusal to accept the Microsoft bid.

But then again, Microsoft wouldn’t want to make that impression to their employees since it might pose a problem later on, should the merger would miraculously happen.


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Microsoft Memos Employees about Microsoft-Yahoo Merger Plans

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