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Microsoft Live Search News gets an RSS

Either the Microsoft Live Search team were sleeping when they were developing the Live Search News portal or they wanted so much to make it as simple as possible that they totally forgot to put an essential tool that would make the lives of their users easier when monitoring news items relevant to their needs – RSS. Actually, even us here in the Journal were too pleased with the simplicity of the Live Search News portal, that we didn’t notice that the site actually lacks an RSS subscription link.

Fortunately, some other users noticed the lack of RSS subscription and so the Live Search News now has an RSS subscription link but it would only appear on the live search news results page but not on its home page.


What bothers me though is why the Live Search News team did not include an email alert subscription as well. Either they don’t want to completely copy Google News, or they don’t think that users still use the email alert subscription. Well as a matter of fact I think email alert subscription would still be useful and there’s no harm in adding it as well. And besides the RSS icon is all alone on the right hand side of the Live Search News results page. It definitely needs some company in that location.

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Microsoft Live Search News gets an RSS

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