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Microsoft Introduces Engagement ROI Tool for Better Ad Campaign Analysis

Microsoft is replacing the outdated and flawed “last ad clicked” approach in measuring ad campaign performance. Through its Engagement Mapping Engagement ROI tool, Microsoft is giving its advertisers better control and monitoring of their ad campaigns performance or exposure whether display, rich media or search.

Engagement mapping takes into account all various touchpoints and experiences of the users before a successful sale occurred. Using the engagement ROI tool, a value is assigned and measured on a real-time basis and takes into account the impact of recency, frequency, size and ad format on successfully convincing consumers to purchase an advertised product or services.
This approach to ad campaign measurement were previously done through third-party ad serving companies but did not allow advertises and publishers to manage their own ad campaigns.

Brian McAndrews, senior vice president of the Advertiser & Publisher Solutions (APS) Division at Microsoft said that Microsoft’s engagement approach represents a quantum leap for both advertisers and publishers who want to maximize their online ad expenditures.

“Our Engagement Mapping approach conveys how each ad exposure — whether display, rich media or search, seen multiple times on multiple sites and across many channels — influenced an eventual purchase, “ said McAndrews.

Microsoft’s Engagement Mapping tool will be officially available on March 1.

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Microsoft  Introduces Engagement ROI Tool for Better Ad Campaign Analysis

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