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Microsoft Confirms Mobile and Tablet Targeting Will Continue

We’re here live at SMX West with Microsoft’s David Pann. David is the General Manager for the Search Network at Microsoft Corporation and on stage answering questions about Paid Search Marketing.  We’re also talking about Enhanced Campaigns and what Microsoft is planning on doing with targeting to compete with Google.

David Pann from BingAds announced that Microsoft will always allow advertisers to have all different types of options in advertising.  They will allow you to target different devices.  This would mean that Microsoft will allow you to target mobile, tablets, and Desktops separately.

30% of all traffic online is through mobile or tablet traffic according to Siddharth Shas from Adobe Systems.  When you look at the ROI on tablets was around 70% higher than Desktop with CPC’s around 30% lower.  Google is just trying to raise their CPC’s for that demographic.

Microsoft on mobile targeting

If you look at usage of smart phones is 5am-10 pm, desktops is 9am-5pm, and tablets is 8am-8pm.  As advertisers we should be cognizant that people are using these at different times and put up ads accordingly.  By doing this you’ll be able to work with them on their different habits.

I personally think that people searching on mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop are the exact same person searching on the same keywords, but the BEHAVIOR is very different between the different devices.  People aren’t going to purchase anything about $300 on a cellular device (some will but most won’t).  There is no correct answer on the multi-device issue but the targeting should be different.  It looks like Microsoft will continue to allow you to target these different devices in different ways.

What do you think about Enhanced Campaigns?

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Microsoft Confirms Mobile and Tablet Targeting Will Continue

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