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Microsoft Bing & Wix Announce IndexNow Integration

Wix premium site content may be indexed faster thanks to IndexNow, which supports Bing, Yandex,, and

  • Wix integrates with Microsoft's IndexNow to accelerate content indexing for its premium users.
  • IndexNow offers a simplified, standardized way for websites to notify search engines of content changes.
  • The integration does not require additional action from SEO professionals or site owners.
microsoft bing and wix partner to integrate indexnow

Wix, a leading web development platform, has recently integrated IndexNow into its services, optimizing the speed at which new content on premium sites gets indexed by search engines.

This development is especially crucial for the millions of Wix users who depend on rapid search engine updates to drive web traffic.

In a collaborative effort with Microsoft Bing, Wix now offers seamless support for IndexNow, an innovative initiative by significant search engines.

Einat Hoobian-Seybold, Product Lead at Wix, expressed enthusiasm about the integration, stating it further exemplifies Wix’s commitment to delivering “exceptional out-of-the-box SEO solutions.”

How IndexNow Works For Premium Sites

IndexNow simplifies the typically arduous content indexing process for Bing, Yandex,, and

Website owners typically rely on search engine crawling or sitemaps, which can be slower and occasionally less accurate.

With IndexNow, websites can submit a straightforward HTTP request to notify search engines of content changes, including new, updated, or deleted URLs.

Helping Businesses Build An Online Presence

According to Fabrice Canel, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft Bing, IndexNow is already a game-changer in the industry.

It’s currently used by over 60 million websites, publishing over 1.4 billion URLs daily. Reportedly, 12% of all new URLs clicked in web search results were first identified via IndexNow, illustrating its efficacy.

Microsoft and Wix both anticipate this new feature will substantially aid Wix users in growing their online presence and business ventures.

The integration does not require additional steps from SEO professionals or website owners with premium sites, making it an effortless tool for instantaneous content indexing.

This move by Wix and Microsoft could revolutionize how quickly businesses adapt to online market changes, especially those heavily reliant on search engine rankings.

Featured image: rafapress/Shutterstock

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Microsoft Bing & Wix Announce IndexNow Integration

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