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Microsoft Advertising Offers Full-Funnel Solutions To Reach Fans

Explore the full funnel media solutions Microsoft Advertising provides for advertisers to engage with dedicated sports enthusiasts.

  • Microsoft Advertising enables brands to consistently reach sports enthusiasts throughout the year.
  • The platform offers targeted marketing strategies through detailed audience segmentation using tools like Genre targeting and in-market audiences.
  • Microsoft Advertising supports integrated marketing across multiple channels, encouraging brands to utilize its ecosystem for cohesive advertising strategies.
microsoft advertising sports audiences

In the competitive world of advertising, connecting with enthusiastic audiences during sporting events presents a unique and lucrative opportunity for brands.

With 31% of the US population engaging in digital live sports content monthly and similar trends in the UK, advertisers are looking to score big with fans year-round, not just during major events like the Super Bowl.

Given the challenges of aligning advertising dollars, sports sponsorship collaboration, and creating a cohesive media strategy, Microsoft Advertising proposes a synergistic solution.

Full Funnel Media Solutions

With 77% of American viewers simultaneously online while watching TV, the platform facilitates targeting across various channels from Connected TV and Paid Search, all in a single ecosystem.

Advertisers from various sectors should leverage this window, including the MVPs (key sports-related brands), the Veterans (brands with sports sponsorships across multiple industries), and the New kids on the block (brands new to sports marketing).

A particular success story highlights a consumer-packaged goods brand that observed significant increases in website and retailer page visits after aligning with a major sports event.

Audience Segmenting For Specific Fan Types

Understanding the audience is key. Segments like Enthusiasts, Tailgaters, Game Hosts, and even the Forced Fan represent the diverse demographic of sports audiences.

Targeting them through Microsoft Advertising enables advertisers a way to engage effectively, whether through Genre targeting on MSN Sports, in-market audiences for sports gear, or context-driven display ads.

Integration and smart use of existing content made for other mediums are encouraged, ensuring easy onboarding onto the Microsoft Advertising Platform. Moreover, transparent reporting and support from Microsoft’s team help streamline campaign optimization.

Team Players For Advertising Solutions

Marketers are encouraged to team up with Microsoft to maximize sports marketing results into the New Year.

Featured Image: IB Photography/Shutterstock

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Microsoft Advertising Offers Full-Funnel Solutions To Reach Fans

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