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Microsoft Adcenter Labs Introduces Digital Advertising Technologies

The Microsoft adCenter Labs is developing several new technologies that will enhance its digital advertising program. The new technologies feature latest advances and algorithms in content analysis and computer vision for handling video and images, speech recognition for contextual video ads and advanced marketing intelligence.

Tarek Najm, technical fellow at Microsoft said that the researches they conduct at the adCenter Labs will change the online advertising game.

“Solutions to today’s challenges must be capable of handling and understanding the complexity of vast amounts of data. To address that challenge, we are developing advertising algorithms that can anticipate and understand consumer behavior faster than the speed of thought, so that we can help advertisers create more efficient and relevant user experiences.”

Among the new digital advertising technology introduced by adCenter Labs are:

Contextual Ads for Video
  through implementing speech recognition, adCenter will serve ads that relates to what the subject of the video is all about. As soon as the video changes its topic, related ads served will also change.

Content Analysis Engine uses advanced algorithms to automatically extract and categorize information from search queries. This is to help the engine to better understand user intent and minimize search engine marketing complexity. This is a useful tool for search engine marketers in discovering valuable keywords relevant to their ad category or when bidding for categories. Ad categorization also helps publishers in monetizing their advertising effectively by opening up additional contextual content opportunities.

Ad Research Dashboard builds on the success of the Keyword Services Platform introduced by adCenter last year. It provides marketers with access to analytics and advanced algorithms that are tied to actual data sets from adCenter, helping them maximize search marketing campaigns.

Aside from these three new advertising technologies, Microsof adCenter is also testing out Air Wave, Intelligent Bud Ads, Visual Product Browsing and Content Detection in Sub-Documents.

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Microsoft Adcenter Labs Introduces Digital Advertising Technologies

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